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Find hundreds of FREE science projects and activities for kids of all ages! Some of our most popular projects include building a simple motor with a magnet, dissecting an owl pellet, and making a solar oven.


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Winter months are a tricky time of year, especially when it comes to winter field trip ideas unless you live in an area where you can be outside year-round. Hitting January brings frigid temperatures, long days stuck inside, and cabin fever. Not to mention the dull drums of coming off of the holiday season. It […]
Every school year most homeschool families go through the difficult process of deciding what the best homeschool curriculum is to use for the following year. Shifts in education priorities, successes and trials from the previous year, mature students, and growing teacher confidence and experience can all drive this process. Many hours can be spent researching […]
This will be a question that many homeschool parents face if you homeschool long enough, “What do you do when your homeschool curriculum isn’t working anymore?” It can be an overwhelming feeling of frustration & failure, as well as many tears for everyone involved. It’s just as frustrating for your child, believe it or not, […]
Homeschool science dissection kits are an important part of a homeschool science curriculum. But, many parents often get caught up in thinking that high school science labs need to be hard. Not so! There are many homeschool science dissection kits that are available to you that will help you get through your dissection labs. These […]
Getting back on a homeschool schedule can be hard after a long break for both parents and children. Everyone has most likely grown accustomed to a more relaxed schedule with little structure. Here are 5 things to do to make diving back into homeschooling after the holidays a little easier and set you up to finish your […]
We've tackled slime making in the past but this glow slime recipe will be one you'll want to add to your library.
The science experiments for kids found in this article will have your kids engaged and ready to do science!
There is something about a science fair that brings everyone together, making it the perfect event to host at your homeschool co-op.
Starting a homeschool co-op isn't hard and we've provided a list of things to think about to get you started on this homeschool journey.
我f you're considering homeschooling, you may be feeling a little nervous about making the switch from public school to homeschool. But, we can help.
Life happens! But with the right mix of experiences, we can be more prepared for the unexpected. The idea of learning a life skill is that you can become better at dealing with everyday challenges that arise through various possible circumstances. Whether at home, work, or really any situation – life skills help individuals to grow into […]
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