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Designed for PreK through 4th grade, these hands-on activities and experiments focus on tactile subjects like bubbles, magnets, and ladybugs. There are also helpful hints and project ideas for making more abstract topics like germs, energy, and weight easier for the youngest elementary students to understand!


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Homeschool science dissection kits are an important part of a homeschool science curriculum. But, many parents often get caught up in thinking that high school science labs need to be hard. Not so! There are many homeschool science dissection kits that are available to you that will help you get through your dissection labs. These […]
Dr. Erica Saint Clair explains how these five cool summer projects incorporate entertaining, hands-on science.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: After teaching a summer science camp for the past four years in a row, Debbie Schaner is a resident expert. Debbie helped her husband Frank start Home Science Tools back in 1994. Since that time, she has had four homeschooled children graduate from high school and go on to college. She is […]
School’s out! Now what? Make it the best summer yet with these 50 simple science projects to do at home.
Have Fun Teaching Your Preschooler Science Science at the preschool age brings as much delight to the teacher as it does to the child. This is the age of discovery! The amazing curiosity of a child is the springboard for learning, and can lead to a life time love for science. Hands-on experiences and books […]
What is a Life Cycle? A life cycle refers to the stages or changes that an animal goes through while it’s alive. A life cycle repeats itself (or goes in a circle) for each new generation of life. There are lots of different kinds of animals living on earth and many different types of animal life […]

Print this Earth Day word search for your kids.

Let kids match the baby animals to their mothers with this Animal Babies coloring worksheet. As they match the animals and color the page, review the names of a few different animal babies with your kids. Did you know that a baby platypus is called a puggle? Frogs and butterflies have young that are significantly […]
Baby Animals Why are baby animals born in spring? Many animals have their young as the days are getting warmer, and plenty of food is available. Spring is a great time to see kittens, chicks, lambs, or other baby animals! You can learn more about why animals have babies in the spring. Do you know […]
打印这一页的纸或cardstock. Kids can color the pictures and cut out the squares to make a matching game. Half of the squares show a way to use solar energy as an alternative to the picture shown on the other squares. Place all the squares face down […]
Are you a kid wondering about types of clouds, or how to predict the weather? Find fun science activities like how to make a cloud in a jar! We’ve collected our favorite science experiments about clouds and weather in one place. If you’re a teacher, parent, or kid, spring is the perfect time to study […]
What happens if a plant doesn’t get enough water? What if it gets plenty of water, but not any sunlight? Do this project to find out! Use this worksheet as a chart to keep track of the results of your experiments.