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Earth Science Fair Projects

Find earth and space science fair project ideas for astronomy, geology, weather, and more. Find ideas to get you started with your own science fair project like designing an astrolabe, or using a black light to test for fluorescent minerals.


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Identifying a rock can tell you all about its journey and where it is in the rock cycle step. Did the rock you hold in your hand get pushed up by a mountain range when the Earth was being formed? Or did it get blasted out of a volcano, rolled downstream, and crushed under a glacier? Or, did it […]

Discover the science of crystals and grow two different types of beautiful crystals!

Did you know that you can use the stars to tell directions at night? Find your latitude using an astrolabe.

Although we notice the biggest shifts in weather patterns with changing seasons, weather can change rapidly from day to day and even from one hour to the next! The weather we experience each day depends a lot on the pressure and temperature of the air around us as well as many factors in Earth’s atmosphere. […]

Test the power of phototropism with this fun science project!

A brief guide to exceptional science projects and science project videos on the web.

QUESTION FOR KIDS: How does weather forecasting work? Fall weather can be rainy, windy, warm or frosty, or all of these in the same week! It’s the perfect time to raise your eyes to the sky and appreciate the processes of nature that affect us every single day. By understanding how weather works, kids will […]

Build a mini solar car to see how to use solar energy for power.