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Find full dissection guides including pictures or videos for FREE! Learn about biology through dissecting a frog, earthworm, fetal pig, or owl pellet. Learn about human anatomy by dissecting a sheep brain, heart, or cow eye. Learn about botany with a flower dissection.

Frog dissections are a great way to learn about the human body, as frogs have many organs and tissues similar to those of humans. It is important to determine which type of dissection is best for your student or child. Some individuals do not enjoy performing dissections of full organisms, but instead prefer single organ […]
If you're looking for a way to make biology fun and memorable for your student, look no further than dissection! This complete field guide to dissection will explain everything needed to make dissection labs an enjoyable learning experience for your kids.
Homeschool science dissection kits are an important part of a homeschool science curriculum. But, many parents often get caught up in thinking that high school science labs need to be hard. Not so! There are many homeschool science dissection kits that are available to you that will help you get through your dissection labs. These […]
等级范围:适应能力等级3 - 8。概述:Learn about food webs by dissecting owl pellets. What You Need: Owl Pellet Dissection Kit Activity Objective: Draw and understand a food web based on what is observed in an owl pellet. Safety Precautions: Owl pellets have been heat-sterilized, yet it is still a good idea to protect your hands and […]

Learn about human anatomy with a fetal pig dissection, since a lot of the internal anatomy is similar to humans'!

What to Expect in Your Dissection Specimens We guarantee your dissection specimens will arrive fully preserved, free from decay, and will not excessively dry out for one year after purchase. Please understand that all specimens, though preserved, eventually dry out. Specimens used within one year will have the best outcomes. Occasionally, a specimen will appear normal, […]

Learn about the reproductive parts of a plant by following these step-by-step instructions of dissecting a flower.

Dissect a cow eye and see how it's very similar to the eye of a human.

Learn about frog anatomy with this online dissection guide. Includes photos and printable PDFs.

Learn about anatomy with this virtual sheep brain dissection guide!

Learn about heart anatomy with this virtual sheep heart dissection guide!

Learn about the eating habits of birds of prey by dissecting an owl pellet.


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