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现在,你已经听说过术语。但除了the acronym, what’s it all about? Is STEM just another fad? Or are STEM fields the key that can unlock the future for not only young people but for the world? Let’s dive in. Our shrinking + expanding world Ever feel like the world is […]
Science can be split up into several fields of study. If you’ve been looking for a one-stop resource to give you a flyover view of many of the different studies of science — you’ve found it! We’re going to dive into what space and earth sciences are—and some of their sub-areas of study! Space Science […]
The definition of dexterity is defined as the ability and ease of using one’s fine motor skills to grasp or pinch objects. Tasks such as pinching require tiny muscles in the hand to be strengthened. These small muscles often strengthen after larger muscles, those that are responsible for gross motor skills. The term dexterity comes […]
Maybe you’re exploring a full-time career option or maybe you’re just really into archaeology, you’re interested in becoming a professional archaeologist. What Do Archeologists Do? Anthropologists and archeologists study the origin, development, and behavior of humans. These positions typically work in research organizations, government agencies—such as the National Park Service— and consulting firms. Although most […]
A DIY science lab at home is a wonderful way to foster science curiosity — creating that desire to learn and experience science in your kiddos! Building a science lab at home can be a bit of an intimidating thought, though. With the help of the tips you’ll find in this article and the supplies […]
Do you have a deep love for animals, a deep concern for the care of animals? Maybe you are considering a career as a zookeeper. This article will provide information about the requirements to become a zookeeper, what the job entails, and the steps you can take to achieve this career path. What Does a Zookeeper […]
Science experiments are one of the most fun things you will get to do in your homeschool! You’re not only learning and applying knowledge — you’re also having fun! I’ve put together some really fun and easy science experiments for you and your family to do this year. Please remember to keep safety first and protect yourself […]
Why Honey Bees are Important The honey bee is one of the most important pollinators in the world. In this article, we will discover the lifecycle of a Honey Bee. Pollination is how plants reproduce. Honey bees take pollen grains from a flower’s anther to another flower’s stigma. According to the American Beekeeping Federation, roughly […]
An Overview of Robotics Robotics is the study of robots. It’s an applied science, which means it’s used to solve practical problems. That makes it different from a theoretical science, which deals with hypothetical and imagined concepts. Robotics is a multi-discipline field of study. It includes aspects of computer science, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering. […]
Learning the right programming language is an important first step in your career plans. You’ll find more job opportunities by learning to code in a popular programming language. Programming is more than a STEM occupation. Computer code runs our electronic world! Everything, from massive electric grids to tiny kitchen gadgets, is dependent on the commands […]
What exactly is computer coding? It’s writing. Of course, the sentences are not in plain English. Rather, they’re written in programming languages. These can look like a strange mix of words, numbers, brackets, and parentheses. One question that often comes up when discussing computer coding is difficulty. Is it hard to learn? As with other […]
化石提供洞察过去。地质学家use them to create timelines, study environmental changes, and to make predictions about the future. You can probably identify a bone or rock fossil by sight. The other categories, though, are not as obvious. The process of becoming a fossil (known as fossilization) is quite rare, which is […]
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