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Use our FREE science worksheets, coloring pages, and other printables to make science come alive in your classroom! Includes worksheets suitable for high school experiments, as well as activity and coloring pages for younger grades.


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Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to inspire your student’s LOVE for science! Engage your kids with science concepts such as diffusion, density, and surfactants. These three, hands-on science projects include the Dancing Conversational Hearts, Rainbow Heart, and Marbled Valentine’s Day card. Dancing Hearts What you need: 1 cup water 1 tablespoon baking soda ½ […]
You know the mesmerizing feeling of watching the snow fall during a snowstorm? With this project, you can make your own snowstorm in a flask using an adaptation from the lava lamp science experiment! It’s a perfect project for any winter day.

Fun & Easy Science Activities Your Kids Will Love!

Want to make planning your children's homeschool science school calendar simple? Who doesn't? We created this handy planning worksheet you can use for any student, K-12 to make lesson planning easier and faster.
Selecting a science curriculum that’s a good fit for you and your students is the first step toward a great science learning experience. Because every teacher-student situation is different, there is no one science curriculum that is best for every homeschool family. This article explains how you can quickly use a free selection guide, developed […]
Every year most homeschool families go through the difficult process of deciding what curriculum to use for the next year.
Why Honey Bees are Important The honey bee is one of the most important pollinators in the world. In this article, we will discover the lifecycle of a Honey Bee. Pollination is how plants reproduce. Honey bees take pollen grains from a flower’s anther to another flower’s stigma. According to the American Beekeeping Federation, roughly […]

Collect leaves and learn all the colors in leaves — not just the ones you see!

Discover the colors behind the colors of popular candies with a Candy Chromatography Science Project. First you’ll learn what chromatography means. Then you’ll use a candy chromatography science experiment to test two types of candy. Find out if there are other colors hidden behind the colors you see! Chromatography Concepts The word chromatography comes from […]

Ever wonder what to do with that left over pumpkin from Halloween or the pumpkin you bought for decorative purposes? How about turning it into a science project?

What is a Life Cycle? A life cycle refers to the stages or changes that an animal goes through while it’s alive. A life cycle repeats itself (or goes in a circle) for each new generation of life. There are lots of different kinds of animals living on earth and many different types of animal life […]
Use this Cloud Types Worksheet with the “Types of Clouds” Science Lesson to review the basic types of clouds and what kind of weather they bring. Find weather science projects here and here.

Print this Earth Day word search for your kids.

Let kids match the baby animals to their mothers with this Animal Babies coloring worksheet. As they match the animals and color the page, review the names of a few different animal babies with your kids. Did you know that a baby platypus is called a puggle? Frogs and butterflies have young that are significantly […]

Use this Heart Worksheet to test your knowledge of the five basic parts of the human heart.

打印这一页的纸或cardstock. Kids can color the pictures and cut out the squares to make a matching game. Half of the squares show a way to use solar energy as an alternative to the picture shown on the other squares. Place all the squares face down […]
We’ve got the perfect seashore science worksheet and coloring page for you and your family. The next time you visit the seashore, be a beach scavenger! You will see lots of different and very interesting plants and animals. Count them as you go to see how many different forms of life you can spot. Use […]
Use the Sink or Float Worksheet with the “Sink or Float?” science project to encourage kids to make predictions, perform tests, and record their results. This project is perfect for indoor discovery – especially in colder months! Put a towel under a large container of water for easy clean up. If the weather is nice, […]