Selecting a science curriculum can seem daunting, but we have made it easy to choose the science curriculum that best fits your particular needs. Browse through these curriculum focused articles to help find the correct fit for your family.

Do you have a dedicated learning area set up for a homeschool classroom? Many families don’t and find that not having dedicated space makes them less productive. However, homeschool families that do have a dedicated space know that it offers its own set of challenges. There are pros and cons to both scenarios and ultimately, […]
Every year most homeschool families go through the difficult process of deciding what curriculum to use for the next year.
听力障碍的范围可以从听力损失(below 90 decibels) to deafness (above 90 decibels). Loud noises at 75-90 decibels are approximately as loud as a drill, subway station, or vacuum cleaner, and can result in severe hearing loss. Many people can hear sounds as low as 10 decibels. Causes of hearing loss can […]
Anxiety is defined as a feeling of worry, unease, or nervousness, which is commonly associated with an event or task with an uncertain outcome. Often students who struggle with anxiety are not able to label what they are feeling as anxiety but instead will commonly state that their stomach hurts, or will list other physical […]
The definition of dexterity is defined as the ability and ease of using one’s fine motor skills to grasp or pinch objects. Tasks such as pinching require tiny muscles in the hand to be strengthened. These small muscles often strengthen after larger muscles, those that are responsible for gross motor skills. The term dexterity comes […]
幼儿或大一点的孩子可能会出于各种原因而挣扎,因为各种原因,包括年轻,无私,多动症,自闭症和/或智力或发展障碍。作为父母,有一个出于任何原因挣扎的孩子可能会令人沮丧,尤其是当您知道他们有可能完成这么多的可能性!以下 […]

If you are trying to decide on a curriculum or are concerned about which teaching methods will work best with your kids, here's a quick overview of the top three curriculum styles and learning types.



Use these questions in biology, chemistry, physics & geology to develop a creative science fair experiment for high school.

A brief guide to exceptional science projects and science project videos on the web.

Students who are 14-19 years of age are looking forward to the future. They may be preparing for college or technical school or focusing on simply graduating. This age group is distracted by many outside activities, and, if they are not interested in science, will be a challenge for the teacher. If they are interested […]
Students who are 11-14 years old are undergoing changes that are unique to this age group. In addition to bodily changes, they’re also moving from elementary towards high school. Although students in sixth grade are less experienced than those in seventh and eighth, all three grades may be taught in a similar manner. The following […]
Students who are 8-12 years of age are becoming more relational and enjoy group activities. At about age 10 they begin making decisions on their own and are thinking more abstractly. They move from thinking concretely and literally to being able to think more creatively or abstractly. Children at this age may become less secure […]
The best learning activities for some children are those that are all-in, hands-on learning. Doing science isn’t just for scientists and engineers, it’s a way of learning about the world that comes naturally for kids. Not convinced? Then read on! Science Education for Children Children are highly curious about the world around them. Most parents will agree […]

Learn about the resources available to homeschool parents teaching high school with this tip.